2016 Calendar of Events

Kas jauns Rotā? What’s new at Rota?

April 29th – May 1st: Pavasarsvētki – for more details, see our event page on Facebook

May 28th – 29th: Kapu Svētki – Zelta Auns bar will open on Saturday night, May 28th and Rota will also be offering a luncheon following the blessing services on Sunday, May 29th. Reservations are welcome via this website or by calling Rota at (518) 589-9878. For more information about the weekend’s program, please see Latvian Memorial Park website.

July 9th: Zelta Bumba volleyball tournament. Check back later for more details!

Other events: This year, the NY Latvian Lutheran Church’s children’s camp will celebrate its 60th anniversary with a varied program of events – find out more about the 6×60 anniversary program here.